Friday, 13 April 2012

My Channel F1 Project

As you may know I have been posting three sets of video each weekend. Some people seem to enjoy them but I do get a lot of negative feedback and unlikes for the videos from people who may be looking for real coverage even with clear titles and uploading them a whole day before, people still get angry. So I'm interested in doing perhaps a review series with gameplay in the background. The first one will be this Sunday or Monday. This will hopefully grow over time and have people who follow this project throughout the season. I HOPE :)


Sniper Elite V2 Full Walkthrough Incoming on Release Day

If any of you have seen my channel recently. I completed three whole playthroughs for the Demo...thats crazy. I got so much support for the videos and couldn't help but keeping playing it so I wanted to share my experiences of the game. And I loved the demo probably my favourite demo by far this this year. I will posting in some of videos below. Make sure to check them out and comment :).

Monday, 26 March 2012

NEWS - Talking about Game/Gamestation - Plus Channel News

I'm guessing a lot of you might of heard about, Game/Gamestation going into administration with around 300 stores immediately closing. I checked out my Local Game and it's still open with prices staying around the same, which surprised me. But I saw staff members taking down signage relating to pre-owned consoles and games which, stopped as of today.

It's unfortunate that a dedicated game shop is having trouble, but it's clear Game has gone in a wrong direction. Game shouldn't of brought out Gamestation at all. Pre-owned games are still over -priced and trade in prices are beyond terrible and it's clear Game never cared about it's customers.

Also if you ask any staff members about Games, all of them are useless. I went for a part time job once while studying. I pretty much know games inside out and have a knowledge of what's coming and when. But the Manager went for the two girls who clearly had no knowledge at all, to do with game or the industry. "What games do you enjoy?" shooting ones. Oh okay your hired. Terrible.

As much as I am gutted Game closing down, I find it hard to feel upset or sadden by the news. Game always wanted to rip us off as much as possible. Charging silly prices for pre -owned games only knocking off two quid for a pre-owned against a brand new copy and clearly people went for the cheaper prices.

Has the new online passes system or the growth of the PC market affected Game/Gamestation at all? But if Game continues we need to see change.

Stores that have closed so far:

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Other news: Angry Birds Space has already sold 10 million copies... WOW

My Initial walkthrough of the game

Monday, 5 March 2012

Assassin Creed 3 Trailer and Mass Trailer plus Let's Play

Some really exciting news this week, Number 1 being the new Assassin Creed trailer plus a completely new time period. All new environments and gameplay. Please be sure to listen to to commentary at the end of the video and please give me feedback on the game on YouTube or in the comment section below.

Next Up is Mass Effect 3, with a jaw dropping Launch Trailer. I really can't wait for this game. My first big game of 2012. Be loads of footage this week, please be sure to subscribe and like my videos. Every view, comment and new subscriber means the world to me.

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Updates and News

Just wanted to do a quick update. I recently started two new series for Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. This is something this will most likely turn into a once or twice a week theme.  At the moment I'm still getting used to the games and learning every time I play with not much experience of a decent FPS for about two years... yes I know shock horror. But I also want plenty of feedback on recommendations, guns and modes to go for. So make sure you head over to my channel to have a look and be sure to leave a comment. In other news I'm hoping to deliver some content on Syndicate and Binary Domain this week coming this Friday. So PLEASE be sure to check my channel and leave a comment and a like.

Random News: Call of Duty is of course bring out a NEW title Black Ops 2 this year, which was accidently released by Amazon France. Which will go against EA's title Medal of Honor. I enjoyed the online multiplayer for Medal of Honor but the single player was very disappointing and is something  I hope improves in both titles this year. *** I WANT A EXCELLENT MUlTIPLAYER, CO-OP ANDDDD SINGLE PLAYER*** please.

Vita is being released this week: A simple... meh will cover that

SSX demo is coming out tomorrow. Coverage will up as soon as the demo is released

Skyrim DLC will be more expansive than Fallout 3 but is still in it's very early stages according to Todd Howard. Fallout 3 released DLC with a lots of problems and bugs and was clearly rushed, so this pleasing news for people looking to expand the Skyrim universe even further. 


Finished Walkthroughs

I recently finished two walkthroughs for Soul Calibur 5 the story and Shank 2 single player. Please make sure to check them out. Give me any feedback positive or negative also subscribe and like as per usual.


Soul Calibur 5 PLAYLIST

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Mass Effect 3 Demo Time :D

Was so excited to try out Mass Effect 3. Probably the game I want to play most this year, to complete the Shepard story. From what I've seen from just the demo it looks jaw dropping. Not far away now. Come back soon for the full game footage.  I put the demo into two parts you can see below. Please comment on any feedback good or bad.

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Monday, 13 February 2012

Game Riot YouTube Channel and Website?

Hi Everyone,

Welcomes to my new site for Game Riot. So why am I doing this? In a few words... "I love games." I want to create a website and a You Tube channel devoted to gaming. This will include trailers, vblogs, reviews and walkthroughs. I'm extremely passionate, about games and want to share my experiences with you and along with HD gameplay and also feedback  for every game I play. The website will act as a hub highlighting some of new content coming soon as well as plans for the future. The website will constantly be updated and improved especially over the next few days. Please make sure to visit My Channel.

I am currently playing the New Grand Slam Tennis game, as well as Shank 2 and Soul Calibur 5. Tuesday will include a demo of Mass Effect 3 with the different methods you can take, role play and action.

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Twisted Metal

Hi People,

Just posted a 30 minute epic match of Twisted Metal. The mode was Nuke, a spin on Capture the Flag, was a lot of fun. But I still have a lot to get used too.

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Grand Slam Tennis 2 Walkthrough

The new tennis game designed to redefin  the way we look at Tennis games. EA Sports have put together a great package but what do I think? Click on the video below to find out! I have a few videos up exploring the NEW career mode and features. Please like and subscribe

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